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Sanjin Miric, director

Born in 1961 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has lived in Zenica (B&H) since 1962. He finished high school there and after graduation he enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo.

From high school he followed domestic and foreign cinematography and filmmaking, and because of that joined the Zenica cinema club "Nedeljko Radic", where he began to make his own amateur films, which were presented at many amateur film festivals throughout the former Yugoslavia and abroad, for which he received a large number of Grand Prix awards and the title of Master of Amateur Film.

He passed the entrance exam and was admitted to the Department of Documentary Directing at the Film Academy in Prague (FAMU), which he successfully completed with a diploma thesis and a graduation film in 1991. Since then, he has worked on all major television stations in Prague, mostly directing publicist and entertainment shows, and is the author of several documentaries.

He has lived and worked in Prague since 1987.

He worked for Radio Free Europe as a director of TV shows intended for Bosnia and Herzegovina and made here total of 32 30 - minutes political periodics. He worked on making daily publicistic show by TV Prima - AKTA 97, made few documentary films for CT (Czech Television) within the project „Tricet pripadu majora Zemana – jak to bylo doopravdy“ and worked as a director of publicistic shows on TV NOVA Obcanske judo, Na vlastni oci, Prask, Pericko...

He works in CT as a director of TV show Taxík and Cerne ovce.

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